Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Message from Digimap to graduating students

Those of you who have access to Digimap and are coming to the end of your course or moving to a different institution need to be aware of a range of issues relating to the use of the service. It is likely that you will no longer be a Digimap Authorised User and will need to delete any data you hold from Digimap. For full details, please read the message at http://tinyurl.com/574cm6

Friday, May 09, 2008

Civilised Streets

A new report from CABE, available online, suggests that most of Britain’s streets are failing pedestrians and need to become destinations again, and not simply ways of getting traffic from A to B. The report, Civilised Streets, explores the contentious concept of shared space, which advocates removing signs and guard rails, obliging drivers and pedestrians to become more alert to each other. It argues that streets which are designed to give all users more freedom of movement are ultimately slower, safer and more social places.
Link: http://www.cabe.org.uk/AssetLibrary/11279.pdf
Access: Free

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Design at the Heart of Housebuilding

The Scottish Government has recently published the results of research which investigates how private sector developers across Scotland conceive design, and how they engage with design quality in the development process for new housing. It provides evidence on the current status of design in the house-building industry in Scotland, and suggests how to promote design as a key factor in driving housebuilding in the future. The research can be freely downloaded in full.
Link: http://tinyurl.com/6lrdy4
Access: Free

Digimap blog

Those of you who rely on Edina's Digimap for cartographic information may be interested to know that the service has launched its own blog as an alternative means of distributing information about developments. The blog will provide regular updates to Digimap users relating to forthcoming service changes, service downtimes, changes to available data, frequently asked questions on how to do things and what's available. It will also highlight events which might be of interest to Digimap users, and will post calls for assistance or feedback.
Link: http://edinadigimap.blogspot.com/
Access: Free

Library Releases Updated Listings of Peer-Reviewed Journals

To support the School's growing research culture, the Library has just compiled updated listings of peer-reviewed journals in its 3 subject disciplines, plus Cultural Studies, Media and Film. Articles in these journals all undergo peer review as part of the editorial process, and publication of research findings within these journals is therefore well-respected. Our listings provide a useful and convenient way for GSA academics and researchers to identify potential routes to publication.
Link: http://www2.gsa.ac.uk/library/collections/collections_journals_peer.html

Oikos Green Building Source

The US-based Oikos website offers information on energy efficiency and environmentally responsible building construction. In addition to news and a directory of products, it has a useful online library of full-text articles on a wide range of topics including insulation, ventilation, daylighting, space heating and cooling, building materials, and windows and glazing.
Link: http://oikos.com/
Access: Free

Shopping Center and Shopping Mall Terminology

Eastern Connecticut State University has produced an online glossary of some basic terms asociated with shopping centres, which may be helpful for anyone looking at this sector from an architectural or social standpoint. There are useful definitions of terms which have crept into everyday usage, such as food courts, but also some fascinating lesser-known ones, ‘mall rat’ and ‘mall walker’ being among my personal favourites.
Link: http://www.easternct.edu/depts/amerst/MallsTerms.htm
Access: Free

Urban Design Compendium

English Partnerships, the country's national regeneration agency, has produced the Urban Design Compendium website to provide guidance on good urban design. It summaries the principles behind urban design; how they can be applied; and the processes which lead to successful places. It includes more than 100 case studies from the UK and overseas, together with full text PDF versions of the two urban design compendium books.
Link: http://www.urbandesigncompendium.co.uk/
Access: Free